Pakistan has been slow to embrace the revolution that is the internet.

According to present perfect continuous tense, has/have + been + istform + ing is used, but in this case slow is used. I am confused. Please help.

  • Present perfect continuous would be Pakistan has been being slow to embrace change, a form which in fact native speakers would very rarely use in this context. – FumbleFingers Feb 28 '15 at 17:57

This is not the present perfect continuous. It is the ordinary present perfect of BE followed by the adjective slow.

Pakistan is beautiful/peaceful/mountainous/slow ...
Pakistan was beautiful/peaceful/mountainous/slow ...
Pakistan has been beautiful/peaceful/mountainous/slow ...

Slow may take a complement in the form of an infinitival phrase designating an action: the entity modified by slow is thus said to perform that action slowly:

John has been slow to finish his essay. ... He has been finishing his essay slowly.
Mary is slow to take offense. ... She takes offense slowly.
Pakistan has been slow to embrace the internet. ... It has been embracing the internet slowly.

The construction slow to VERB puts the focus on how slowly VERB is being performed.


Has been slow is the present perfect, not the present perfect continuous.

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