Here we use the meaning of "Something like an excel sheet" for table.

I want to describe "make something into a table" with one word.

Then I think I need to find the verb version of "table."

My instinct tells me that I should use -ize to made it a word, but I tried "taburize" and "tablize." Both failed.

Is there a single word that is the verb version of "table" or "tab"?


tab·u·lar·ized, tab·u·lar·iz·ing, tab·u·lar·iz·es
     To put into tabular form; tabulate.

--American Heritage Dictionary

Tabulate is much more commonly used.


In order from most common to completely made up, some possible words are:

In typing, "tab" is short for "tabulate"; "tab stop" is short for "tabulation stop". ASCII character code 0x9 (number 9) is the (horizontal) tab character. ASCII character code 0xB (number 11) is the rarely-used vertical tab character.

As Jim Reynolds states, "tabularize" is one verb for putting data into a tabular form.

"Tabify" is sometimes used to mean either:

"Tablify" is another verb for putting data into a tabular form. It is even less common than "tabularize".

One proponent of Table-Oriented Programming uses "tablize" to mean "store in table form".

If "tabbify" were a word, it would mean turning something into a "tabby" cat.

  • Tabtatabufelinitagoogubulatabuzationize is understood in certain valley farming communities in southeastern West Virginia to signify the instigation of a domestic housecat to enter data into a table in the Google Sheets application on a tablet computing apparatus on a kitchen table. Mar 6 '15 at 15:33

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