I saw a picture where a guy sells carpet outside. I think he has a normal shop too but most of the his merchandises are seen without coming into the store. So I was just wondering how can we name these kind of places which are not inside a building. It could be a bar , a shop or even an art exhibition. What I mean here there is no wall. Everybody can see when they go by..I thought the word open but it is associated a lot with a meaning that a shop open for business..

enter image description here

  • "Street vendor" is pretty common.
    – user11628
    Mar 10, 2015 at 23:12

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The adjective I’ve heard that would describe any of these examples is “open-air”.

  • Open-air market
  • Open-air seating (at a bar)
  • Open-air patio (most patios are open-air, so this is a bit less common, but it could be used to distinguish from a screened-in patio or porch)

Another term is “al fresco”. This is a little bit fancier of a word that means essentially the same thing. It shows up most often in the phrase “al fresco dining” but can serve in other contexts.

If you want to go less fancy, the simple term “outdoor” is perfectly acceptable for all of these situations.


You could call him a "street vendor", but that phrase/description has already been co-opted by people who sell items (usually food) and are not only who are physically located on a street, but also in a vehicle, with carts, or trucks.

In the picture you show, a 'sidewalk vendor' is a more appropriate phrase.

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