I want to start applying to jobs in the UK, and in my cover letter I wish to include my desire to relocate.

What would be a preferred way of wording this?

I'm XYZ, looking to relocate to ABC this summer.

I'm XYZ, wishing to relocate to ABC this summer.

I'm XYZ, wanting to relocate to ABC this summer.

Which version would be best suited in a professional setting? Or should I use a different verb/phrase altogether?


Say, "I'm XYZ, willing to relocate to ABC," or "I'm XYZ, willing to consider relocation to ABC."

In my opinion, willing sounds more like you are considering relocating for the company's benefit and not yours, which may sound slightly more attractive to someone considering you for a position.

  • Could you add an explanation to your answer to say why those two options are preferable? – Mark Mar 19 '15 at 17:16

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