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The reason I like summer more than any other season is because I can do what I couldn't do because of cold weather. For example,

  1. I can drink outdoors with having festive feel at Hongdae.

  2. I can drink outdoors while having festive feel at Hongdae.

  3. I can drink outdoors having festive feel at Hongdae.

I was about to use #1, but I've come to wonder which option is the best. If possible, can I ask difference?


None of these is very idiomatic in Anglo-American dialects.

  • We're unlikely to say that we "have a festive feel". In the first place, we don't ordinarily say that people HAVE an ADJ feel. That is an idiom used of events and occasions, and it expresses their mood or tone: The concert had a festive feel.

    (Note that we also don't say that we "HAVE an ADJ feeling". That idiom expresses a suspicion or expectation: I have a bad feeling about this project means that I suspect it will turn out badly.)

    With people we use feel as a verb: I feel festive.

  • We're also unlikely to use while ... VERBing in this sort of context. While ... VERBing clauses are characteristic of written rather than spoken English anyway, and they tend to suggest that the connection between the main-clause and while-clause activities is unexpected: He can drink a glass of beer while standing on his head.

    A when clause is more likely here: I can drink outside when I feel festive.

  • Finally, festive itself is not a term we ordinarily apply to individuals. It's an adjective form of feast or fest, so it's most often used to describe events or groups of people at an event. We don't really have a common adjective for the sort of pleasurable emotion you seem to have in mind; we have to approach it periphrastically.

    I can drink outside when I'm having a good time.

I see you've added the phrase at Hongdae to your examples. Hongdae appears to be the entertainment/nightlife district in Seoul, so using that (or a local equivalent, like Laclede's Landing or the Delmar Loop in St Louis) would probably convey the appropriate emotion all by itself.

I can drink outside when I go down to the Landing.

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