We short men are in big trouble because if we want a shoe that feels decent we feel short and you can’t put in lifts, if you get a shoe with lifts it doesn’t feel comfortable I feel really trapped, that why I cannot believe that there is a god because if there was he wouldn’t of don’t this to me and made me only 5.4″ he or it would of made me to be at lease the regular American height which is 5.8” or taller , its a disaster to be short for a male.

The text is written by a native English speaker. It is the first time I face a usage in which would of + verb is used. Is it grammatically correct? What is the meaning of the parts I have shown in bold?

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    Of here, in both instances, is a nonstandard spelling of have, reflecting the actual pronunciation. Don't is a clear mistake for done. There are other mistakes in this passage, too. Do not emulate these usages. Mar 19, 2015 at 15:13

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The usage verb of verb (like would of made) is bad. Native English speakers often use it because they learned from hearing English spoken, but not from studying its structure. For instance, take this sentence:

Last night, I could've studied, but I played games.

Here, the speaker uses could've as a short form of could have, making the full verb phrase could have studied. However, when listening to this said, it sounds just like could of studied. If you didn't study the structure of English, you might not know that's incorrect grammar, and think could've is actually could of. Because of this, some people actually write and type verb of verb instead of verb've verb.

You should never use verb of verb.


This sentence/paragraph is very poorly written and contains a number of grammar, punctuation, word, and spelling errors. Although the writer might (claim to) be a native English speaker, they have done a very bad job in this example.

The two bold phrases are confusing to you because they are incorrect:

  • *"...he wouldn't of don't this..." should be "he wouldn't have done this..."
  • *"...it would of made me..." should be "...it would have made me..."

As StoneyB pointed out: Do not emulate these usages.

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