What could be the best fitted word here?

Is it good to keep fasting continuous days?

The word continuous might mean here everyday or a day and the other day and follow by that.

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You could simplify a bit and say:

Is it good to fast continuously for [several] days?

Continuous implies the same thing as keep so you only need one of them and I think that continuous is a better option than keep.

Also, in this case, adding several helps modify days and can be easily replaced with any other specific number like three or five.

Additionally, "good" can be a bit vague, so you might consider rephrasing in a way that clarifies that your question is for health reasons (if it is):

Is it healthy to fast continuously for [several] days?

Will you suffer ill effects from fasting continuously for [several] days?

Good can imply moral good, as well as health, and there are many religions that use fasting as a religious observance or ritual.

  • yeah. "Is it healthy to fast continuously for [several] days?" explains my question well.
    – Nadia Ali
    Commented Mar 22, 2015 at 5:00

You could say:

Is it good to keep fasting continuously for days?

Since "continuous" is modifying the verb fasting you need to use the adverb continuously, not the adjective continuous.

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