Which one is correct and why?

  1. I will help you once I understand how it works.


  1. I will help you once I understood how it works.
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The example sentences are not in the past tense.

Instead, they say that you will do <something> in the future, after you have done <something else>. Presumably, you have not yet done that <something else>. They imply that you might not do that <something else>, and that if you don't do that <something else>, you might not do <something>. So the implied order of events is:

  • Now
  • (When you are learning how it works, which might take forever….)
  • You understand how it works
  • (Maybe some more time)
  • You start helping the other person.
  • (When you are helping the other person.)

Sentence #1 is correct. Sentence #2 is incorrect. The following sentence would be correct:

  1. I will help you once I have understood how it works.

Sentence #3 is more complicated than sentence #1. Sentence #3 adds very little meaning to the sentence, so sentence #1 is better than sentence #3.


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