Is it right to say "You will start all again"? I know that 'You will start all over again' is right and I think I can also say 'You will start it all again'. But can I say 'You will start all again'?

  • Instead of "You will start all again" I would say "You will start everything again". – user3169 Mar 26 '15 at 20:03

Not really.

You will start all over again

sounds the most natural, although I've never heard it said in that way. Normally, one would say:

You have to start over

without any again. However, the again isn't wrong technically, it just sounds wrong to me.

The third sentence:

You will start it all again

sounds like you are telling somebody that they have to, that they will, without telling them why.

You will start all again

isn't right, you need to say what they are starting all over again, for example:

You will start it all again


You will start the activity all again

That also sounds like a firm instruction, as if the person has refused before (I'm reading it with emphasis like this: "You will start all again"), which may be what you want, but normally it would sound more natural to say:

Start it all again

Do you have any context? If you provide that with an edit to your question it would be easier to say what you need.

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