Alizay is most intelligent girl in school. How to add articles to this sentence? can someone tell where to use articles in this sentence?

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Saqib, you are welcome to this site.

Intelligent is an adjective. Most intelligent is the superlative form of this adjective. you need to put the definite article "the" before this form of adjective. So the correct sentence is:

Alizay is the most intelligent girl in school.


I think correct places for articles in this sentence are like this:

Alizay is the most intelligent girl in the school.

1) The first the uses with a superlative adjective.

2) The second the uses with a particular place(school).


Follow these thumb rules for general article usage. They should hold well for almost all cases, with a few exceptions though.

  1. a is used before words beginning with a consonant (or consonant sound)


    I own a car which was manufactured in India

Also, there could be a case like so

There is a university down the road.

Here, even though the first letter is u, the pronunciation is as Yoo, hence we use a instead of an.

  1. an is used before words beginning with a vowel (or vowel sound)


This is an old movie


He is holding an umbrella

  1. The is used when you are referring either to specific things, which have already been mentioned in the conversation beforehand, or to things regarded as unique or even when you are using superlatives (like in your case)


I know a doctor who lives here. The doctor's wife is an artist. (Doctor has been Already mentioned and we are referring to the same doctor now)


The Earth revolves around the Sun (Unique Objects)


He is the tallest in his class. (Superlative)

For more insight into this, visit this link. Cheers! And always remember:

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. ;)

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