Which is the correct way to tell where I'm working?

  • I'm working in XYZ company.
  • I'm working for XYZ company.
  • I'm working at XYZ company.

Or is there any difference in the meaning?


To indicate the company you are working for, I would say:

I'm working for XYZ company

It points out that you consider yourself a dedicated employee.

I'm working at XYZ company

has a similar meaning, but I would more likely use it to say you just work somewhere, maybe at a job you don't like alot. You are just there.

If referring to a company location, at can also be OK

I'm working at XYZ company in San Diego.

I don't think I would normally use

I'm working in XYZ company


"I work at [company name]" is what you says when you are an employee; "I work for [company name]" could also mean that you are not an employee, but a freelance who gets called from that company most of the times.

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    In American English, it would be the exact opposite. Work at refers to a work site, work for indicates direct employment. – choster Apr 15 '13 at 3:09
  • Doesn't that also depend on whether you are actually at the company when you are working, i.e. in the company's facilities? – HelloGoodbye Nov 15 '16 at 12:45

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