Learning is a present form and to be a future form. But being is a present form. Which is correct in the following sentence?

I am learning ___ alpha.

Where ___ is to be or being?

  • 'to be' is infinitive. 'being' and 'Learning' are gerunds. 'am learning' is present continuous. Apr 5 '15 at 20:47
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    Apr 5 '15 at 22:48
  • @user31415 no. i asked "to be, or not to be, i.e. something else"
    – Don Larynx
    Apr 5 '15 at 23:23

"To be" is the infinitive, rather than the future form.

(To express "to be" in future tense, you place modal verb "will" in front, or conjugate "to go" in present continous tense in front. For example - I will be, you are going to be)

The auxiliary "am learning" must be followed by the infinitive, so option 1 is correct.

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