The wind -driven rain came sheeting across the windows of the lighthouse. The seas roared their waves and thundered agaisnt the rock on which it was stood. The man-made construction vibrated with the assault of Nature. Inside the Lighthouse Keeper read his newspaper, seemingly indifferent to the tempest around him.

What I have identified are: 1. Lighthouse and its keeper. 2. Tempest. 3. Newspaper. 4. Man-made.

Should I identify more? Thank you :)

  • Essential element of a paragraph is not a linguistic category, so I'm afraid this question is Off Topic here. It might be On Topic at Writing, but I doubt it: essential element is not an established literary or critical category either. The question appears to me to rest on the approach of a particular teacher or textbook to teaching literary reading or writing, and is consequently meaningless outside that idiosyncratic context. Apr 16, 2013 at 10:35

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The most important elements of this paragraph are verbosity and the color purple . It can be boiled down to A violent rainstorm shook the lighthouse. Inside, the keeper languidly read his newspaper. "Man-made" is irrelevant, as is "newspaper".


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