There is a song by "Celine Dion" entitled "Call the man" in which she said somewhere "call the man who deals in love beyond repair". What does "who deals in love beyond repair" mean?

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    When something is "beyond repair" it is broken and cannot be repaired.
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  • Thanks, for your attention. So now what does "deals in love" mean?
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  • "deals in X" = has a business related to X.
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I came across this in one of the websites,i think it sums it up pretty well.....

Who else can "deal in love beyond repair?" Who is the only one who can truly "heal a broken heart?" Who else has walked with us "once upon a time" and is with us in the present? Who leads us into the future with his shining light? Who else could help us in the "chaos and confusion" of this world? Who else knows us so well and the trouble we get ourselves into? Who else would be willing to help us merely out of love for us and actually have the power to do so? Who else has the power of God except God? There is no other.

Can any love be beyond repair? It may seem true when years of hurt, insensitivity and denial have made both parties numb to their actual condition or any attempts to salvage what is left. No major difficulty can be resolved if the people involved do not recognize a problem exists. (Even if you do believe in fairies, magical solutions do not work in times like these.) Situations also appear irreparable when a couple does not work together. A relationship does not exist in one person but between two. When solving problems with a loved one, the effort of one is similar to a dog chasing its tail. If one walks away, the other is left with nothing but an exercise in circular confusion. People left behind get caught up in accusations and possibilities. But no answers to the questions of "What if?" or "Who did what?" will ever mend these broken hearts. Of course, the illusion that only one person is/was responsible may be the very seed of destruction contained within these questions.

What does it take to "heal a broken a heart?" I am sure the answer to this question will be as varied as the kind of hurts each heart sustains. The betrayed wonder how they could have been such fools. They question their powers of discernment and their ability to trust again. The betrayers may or may not have feelings of remorse. If their pride makes them self righteous or self justified, they will not heal. Their weakness is hidden from God's healing power. Their hurts are buried alive beneath the blame they give to the person. If they do recognize their own guilt, they have need of forgiveness from God, others and themselves. Forgiving themselves is the hardest. Many at this stage may question their own ability to do right or even their ability to trust themselves again. If both parties recognize their part in the breakdown of the relationship, healing may mean more than the willingness to care for the other again. It also implies an openness to the possibility of being hurt as well although hoping and trusting that they won't.

Where is the way out of the "chaos and confusion?" God "shines a light ahead when the next step is unclear." The readiness to walk with God is our only assurance of true peace now and in the future. But "walking with God" means being with God every step of the way. The "light of God" illuminates the path, but we still must choose to stay on it. Getting lost is as easy as taking our eyes off of God and not watching where we are going. Our destination may be unclear, but our reaching it is certain if we trust in God. Believing in God's love can increase our trust. Considering the great personal sacrifice God has made on our behalf, in Jesus, should tell us our best interests are being cared for. And while the love of God helps our faith, appreciating the power of God will boost our confidence.

So,... "Call the man who deals in love beyond repair. He can heal the world of hearts in need of care. Shine a light ahead when the next step is unclear. Call the man. He's needed here..."

  • But yours, anonim, was more concise—without waxing theological or trying to analyze other lyrics not cited. (Not that yours, Thule, wasn't beautiful, poetic and true.) Commented Jun 29, 2015 at 9:08

So according to the comments mostly provided by @TRomano, I came up to this answer,

Call the man who deals in love beyond repair” means

Call someone who is master in healing broken hearts which cannot be recovered by normal human beings' power. He has such a power to cure those broken hearts.

Maybe it is referring to Jesus Christ.


The phrase "broken heart" is used for the sadness after love affair ends. Some people say they are so sad that their broken heart will never recover, i.e. it can never be repaired. Perhaps the phrase in the question refers to a male relative or friend who has provided good advice in the past.

I think the phrase is associated with repairing a broken heart.

  • From the lyrics, "Call the man Who deals in once upon a time Maybe he Can mend this broken heart of mine" Commented Apr 21, 2015 at 13:56
  • @WhatRoughBeast: you're no slouch.
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