I am a bit confused now. "I am taking fire." - Does it mean that I am shooting someone or that someone is shooting me? Thank you for your help.


In a militarian context, "taking fire" would mean being shot at, attacked:

Send air support, we're taking heavy fire here!

Other use cases:

It can also be used in a more idiomatic manner in certain settings, to convey the idea that one is being critized.

"I'm taking all the fire for a mistake that you've made."

"John, Kerry's spokesperson, elected to take all the fire when he showed up to the press conference alone."

The "dry" definition of "take fire" is:

start to burn or burst into flames


In the context of shooting/war, "taking fire" means someone is shooting at you.

This is similar to the phrase "under fire":

1.) Exposed or subjected to enemy attack.

However, the phrase usually refers to catching fire:

Start to burn or burst into flames

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