I would like to find an easy explanation of how to make compound adjectives. Actually, what I want is a functional way or structure which can help me make it on my own. I read the sentences I have made, but I can't make them sound like these examples: he is left-handed, he is kind-hearted.

Here are some sentences which I tried to make:

When I was younger, I had some trouble making ideas which led me to nothing.

meaning: Ideas which make trouble

He is a player making person.

meaning: He can teach everyone how to play

This is a well organized schedule.

meaning: some good made decision.

Thank you in advance


You already seem to know what compound adjectives are. They can be created by various combinations: adjective+noun+ed (red-haired), noun+past participle (sun-dried), noun+noun (part-time), number+noun (5-day), adjective +noun (deep-sea). The only question is do you use a hyphen, or not. Some compound adjectives have become one word over time. How do you know? Checking the dictionary would be best.

So let's consult ODO:

  1. troublemaking - derived from troublemaker
  2. This one is not recognised by dictionaries - but as an alternative you could always use coach
  3. well-organised
  • Thank you for helping. This sentences could be correct. Like .It's a two doored car or It's a two-door car. – PMX128 Apr 23 '15 at 9:10
  • 1
    @English Sorry, I haven't seen your comment up until now. You're welcome :-). It would be a two-door car or a 2-door car (same as a 5-day weather forecast). – Lucky May 1 '15 at 6:41

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