A recent chat conversation led to the following sentence:

One of the link in/on your profile is dead.

I am not sure about which preposition would be the best fit for this sentence.
I feel that on is a better option since the hyperlink is displayed on the user's profile page.

(profile : SE user profile.)
(The answer could be something else too.)


I'd incline toward the preposition 'on'. That's how we describe things on the Internet or webpages. When you talk about any profile, it is on some webpage and when it comes to a webpage, we prefer using 'on'.

The link in on that page is not working

The link belongs to a profile but a profile is 'on' the page. The whole entity is on the page and thus, it is common to say 'on' the page.

I can think from a different angle, a programmer's angle. Strictly in the context of internet, using 'in' is preferable when we have certain boundary of an object. Say, a picture on a webpage. You have 'things' in the picture but then, when it is about 'link' that redirects you somewhere, it is on the picture.

When we build a webpage, we don't decide its boundaries. So, anything could be on the webpage. On the other hand, when we develop a text-box (as we have here, the answering box on ELL), we decide the boundary (I'm seeing this as I write this answer). So, if I want to advise a programmer to have some changes for this box, I may say,

"Change the icons in the text box"

Why? Because I see the boundary here. It is a block and anything that happens 'within' it is 'in'.

To cut it short, when it comes to 'link', 'anchor text' or anything that you can 'click', use 'on' [I work with programmers all day!].

By the way, it's "One of the links..." [The structure one of [something] is followed by a plural noun].

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Either preposition will work.

Your logic here is valid:

I feel that on is a better option since the hyperlink is displayed on the user's profile page.

but these ways of thinking about it are also valid:

The hyperlink is a part of the profile, so it is in the profile.

The profile is a "container" of sorts that have a number of things. In (or inside, within) the profile, is a hyperlink.

So, either one could be used.

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