Which one is correct?

  1. Let this process to be completed.


  1. Let this process to complete.
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    I suggest specifying the context in which the phrases would appear. Apr 28, 2015 at 5:16

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Both the sentences are grammatically incorrect.

Please look at the following imperative sentence in the active voice:

Complete this process.

You use the pattern "let + object + be + past participle" to change such sentences in the passive voice as follows:

Let this process be completed.

You never use to-infinitive when you use let in the active voice or passive voice; you use the bare infinitive in the active voice and be + past participle in the passive. For examples:

Let him complete this process.

let this process be completed by him.

Let me write a letter.

Let a letter be written by me.


If you use the word "Allow" instead of the word "Let", both sentences would be correct:

1b. Allow this process to be completed.
2b. Allow this process to complete.



Go for...

Let this process complete.

The verb 'let' is a magical verb. Here, the subject does not do direct action by itself and thus, you won't find even ''s' for the third person verbs.

He completes something BUT Let him to complete something

The use of 'let' in such context takes no 'to' or 'to be'. You are not letting the process to do something.

Another way is...

Let this process get completed


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