Firstly sorry for my bad English.

I'm translating an article about SMS Marketing. But I don't know what does Trash everything you think you know mean in the following context?

First time customers who comb through these helpful resources observe a better ROI from their SMS marketing campaigns. Trash everything you think you know about SMS marketing. If you check out these resources in the order that they appear, this immediate and affordable marketing method will soon become second nature.

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    Trash = forget in this case.
    – mkennedy
    May 4, 2015 at 19:05

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to trash something: to discard, to throw away something (to put something into the trash)

The sentence deconstructs thus:

     everything           you know about SMS marketing.
                you think 

Or, plainly:

Forget what you know (or rather: believe to know) about SMS marketing.

It's a request to follow only the suggested method in the subsequent text and to ignore all previous knowledge about the subject. (To my ear, advertising speak...)

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