What does the following sentence mean?

The younger and longer boys view porn, the more engrained the lessons they learn become.

The article

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From the article you linked:

As Jonny says: ‘Porn brought me to the brink, triggering anxiety, depression and invasive sexual thoughts about every woman I set eyes on.'

According to the article you linked, those are "the lessons learned from viewing porn". Maybe a more clear word is "the effects".

A paraphrasing:

As boys watch porn longer, and as they start younger, the effects of porn become more engrained.

Engrained means:

Deeply impressed or instilled. (source)

So, a boy that does not start very young, and does not watch porn very long has these lessons (effects of watching porn) engrained a little bit, but a boy that starts very young, and does watch porn for a long time has these lessons engrained very deeply.


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