I was wondering if there's any actual difference between these two clauses:

Mistakes that I did make so far


Mistakes that I made so far

If I use Google Translate (yeah, I know that is an awful tool) on them, the translations are nearly the same. I speak Spanish BTW.

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"Mistakes that I did make so far" does not sound correct to me as a BrE speaker. This would only make sense if you were using "did" for emphasis:

I rarely make mistakes, but of the mistakes that I did make so far [...]

Used by itself, the former sounds wrong, though, because "did" is superfluous. Use the latter.


They have the same meaning, but have not been equivalent since about 1700 or so. In Modern English the version with DO is used in declarative contexts only to contrast with a prior negative:

I did not make many mistakes, and the mistakes that I did make were minor.

Of course DO is required in non-declarative contexts:

INTERROGATIVE: Did you make any mistakes?
NEGATIVE: I did not make many mistakes.


Both are correct. However, "did make" in the first one does the job of emphasizing the meaning. It makes more "impact."

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