My advisor had some points about my code, but I was unable to use what he had recommended. I was wondering if "take your advice" is a correct phrase for these points said about my code?

My sentences are:

I'm sorry that I didn't take your advice about SVM and Kmeans, I don't have these toolboxes, I will download them and update the code soon.

  • @DCShannon: thank you for your comment, I want to say at this moment I cannot take your advice but in future I will download them and use his recommendation
    – mari
    May 16, 2015 at 6:24

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Your sentence is correct, grammatically…

...however, if you were unaware of his recommendations before his advice was given to you, then you cannot have "failed to take his advice" - you had not been given any advice at that time.

You could only have been unaware of these 2 new methods/tools.
You can only take or not take advice after being advised - anything else would be precognition, or mind-reading ;)

If, after taking note of his advice, you still don't want to use his recommendation, then you are truly not taking his advice.

Downloading the recommended tools & re-working your project is still taking the advice, not dismissing it.


I would say it a bit differently.

Unfortunately, I couldn't take your advice about SVM and Kmeans, since I don't have these toolboxes. I will download them and update the code soon.

I don't think I'm sorry is necessary since (as I understand it) you could not follow his advice because you did not have certain resources, not because you just decided to do something else. As such, Unfortunately is sufficient to state that it was not the outcome he expected.
(Though you might still want to use I'm sorry if you think it is necessary due to formality.)

Also I changed the conjunctions/punctuation between phrases so it flows better. The second and third phrases are independent so there needs to be a period or semi-colon there.

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