You have flakes or small pieces of different colors of dough. Do you pluralize these and say, "pick up all these or doughs?


Dough is considered uncountable like sugar, water, advice and money.

If you need to make it countable you need to introduce a unit. This may be a precise unit like teaspoons of sugar or buckets of water or abstract terms like some advice or all money.

So in yor example, you can either say:

pick up all / all the dough


pick up all pieces/crumbs/flakes of dough


cambridge labels dough as [ C or U ], which means Countable or Uncountable.

You could use dough as Uncountable

pick up 3 pieces of dough

You could also use dough as Countable

pick up 3 doughs

  • But the latter would imply different kinds or batches of dough (like pastry, yeast and phyllo dough, for example or three batches of the same, e.g. because the mixer can not make enough in one go), not the crumbs the OP is asking about. – Stephie Feb 4 '20 at 6:30

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