When buying something, what it more suitable to ask the seller?

  1. How much does it cost?

  2. How much is its cost?

I know that the word "cost" is a verb and noun as well, but my question is what is the acceptable way - if there is.

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    1. is correct. If you want to use cost as a noun, you don't ask how? but what? -- "What is its cost?". But that is very formal and stiff. – StoneyB May 17 '15 at 23:19

Both sentences are grammatically correct.  I would have to say that both are acceptable.

However, the questions "How much does it cost?" and "What does it cost?" are very common in my dialect.  The question "How much is its cost?" sounds formal, foreign, or oddly emphatic.

My dialect is American, so feel free to ignore me if you prefer to emulate some other dialect.

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