Sentences given below have a Nouns Followed by Infinitives.

can anyone please explain the sentneces' meaning?

1) The decision to increase taxes was not popular.

2) Permission to enter the area was difficult to get.



  • Can't you make out the meanings? – Maulik V May 21 '15 at 11:09

The two nouns in your examples, decision and permission are derived from the verbs decide and permit.

Both of these verbs are catenative or "chaining" verbs: they take as their complements clauses headed by other verbs, which are cast as marked infinitives:

They decided to raise taxes.
They permitted us to enter the area.

Note that you can in fact chain these verbs together:

They decided to permit us to enter the area.

The nouns derived from these verbs take the same infinitival complements:

decision to raise taxes
permission to enter

In effect the infinitival clauses act as modifiers telling you which decision, which permission; but they're not: they're complements to the nouns.

  • We expect the bank manager to decide to authorise us to borrow more to enable us to enter the housing market... – FumbleFingers May 21 '15 at 14:03

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