Is there a difference, if any, between as is, as it stands, as it is?

The FreeDictionary states the following:

as it stands: as something is now, without changes to it

The law as it stands is very unclear.

as is:exactly as something is without any changes or improvements made to it.

I'll have to hand this report in as is - there's no time to update it.

Obviously, they are interchangeable or the synonymous phrases. Maybe a small difference lies in a style of speech (formal/more informal speech).

As it is looks way synonymous here as well (already, actually), but sometimes it is rather informal or spoken, imho.

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"As it stands" generally is used to reference something that may change.

My opinion, as it stands, is firm.

"As is" generally refers the current state and it won't change because you are, for example, selling the item, turning in the paper, etc.

I'm selling my used computer as is.

"As is" is used a lot in warranties or when selling something used, meaning it's being sold in its current state.

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