Which of the following are correctly formed?

Tomorrow I get up at half past six.


Tomorrow I will get up at half past six.

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    Both look/feel right to me as a native speaker. Now, which one is more correct, I don't know. – Zessa May 21 '15 at 20:17

Rules of thumb only, and hardly to be chiseled in stone:

Use "will" when you wish to express a goal or a firm intention.

I've been oversleeping too much. Tomorrow I will get up at 6AM.

Use "get up at six" (that is, without will) when you wish to tell someone about a planned schedule (or something that happens regularly).

Last week I worked the late-night shift, 11PM-7AM, and was sleeping until 3PM. But tomorrow I'm back on the day shift and get up at 6AM.

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