I can't find rule work this questions.

"Could you please to tell more about some details" or "Could you please tell more about some details".

maybe, english has words with infinitive or without ?


The rule is very simple. After a modal verb like "could" or "can" we always use a bare infinitive; that is, the infinitive form of the verb without "to".

Could you please tell me more about some of these details?

Would you mind telling me more about these details?

See the link above for more examples of modal verbs.


In your particular context both examples are incorrectly constructed as the verb tell requires a direct object, a noun or a pronoun:

Could you please tell me/him her, etc. or John/Mary/Joe, etc. more about some details?

As regards the use of to, it would be inappropriate, a verb construct when using an auxiliary requires the bare infinitive.

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