In the following examples, should the definite article "the" be present?

This article will discuss all journal articles on the subject written between [the] 3rd December 2010 and [the] 20 January 2011.

On [the] 6th May 2013, three men were selected for a special mission.

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You should only use "the" if you also put "of" between the date and the month:

  • "...between the 3rd of December, 2010, and..."

  • "On the 6th of May, 2013, three men..."

Also note the placement of the commas around the year, a pretty strict standard if you include the date. Of course, the European format doesn't take commas, or "the," or "of":

  • "...between 3 December 2010 and..."

  • "On 6 May 2013, three men..."


My knowledge is we should put "the" while referring to the dates of the same month to make it clear and avoiding mentioning the month again.

Example: Today is July 3rd. See the following:

  1. I will travel to Albany on the 22nd.
  2. I went to Texas Park on the 1st.

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