Let's say there is a lot of dirt on my shirt or on my bed sheet and I need to clean it, or say my shirt is very wet and I need to get rid of excess water.

What is the appropriate verb to describe this action? It is similar to shaking: you will hold the two ends and then shake it kind of hardly to get rid of water or dirt, but does shake really describe what I want to say?

I also looked up snap but I'm not sure if that is applicable here.


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"Shake" is acceptable in this context, often expressed as "shake it out." Examples:

  • I shook all of the dust off of my bed sheet.
  • I need to shake all of the water out of my shirt (although you might have better luck wringing it out if it is soaked with water).
  • Go shake the mud off of your pants outside before coming into my house.

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