I have a page with list of products. What is the correct name for this page?

Product list


Products list

And What's difference?


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Product list

A list by definition is already plural, so using product (what kind of list) as a modifier is correct.

Products List might not necessarily be wrong, but a better way to use products would be:

List of products.


Product list

It is the right variant. When you put the name of the list before the word "list", we use a singular.

Example: product list, price list, number list.

Or you can call list using "list of" + name of the list.

Example: list of products, list of prices, list of numbers.


IMHO, the practical reason it should be "product list" vs. "products list" is because "product list" should be a list where each list item is a single "product", because "products list" should be reserved for a list where each list item is itself a "list" of products (e.g., the root level list may be a list of the "product list" of each business or department). The latter could of course also be expressed as the more technically precise, albeit wordy, "product list list".

Now that I mention it, re. "of" form, for "product list", the "of" form should be "list of products" or "list of the product of each product manager". And for "products list", the "of" form would be "list of product lists".

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