"It's a very busy time with us at the moment."

How to understand the prepostion "with" here?

Why use "with" not "for" here. If they have similar meaning, what are their nuances?

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    It's a slightly unusual usage (usually the preposition would be for). But if you must have an explanation for the "meaning", think of it as with us = [around] at the place we are. Perhaps spoken to someone who's (metaphorically) far from where we are (they don't even know about how busy it is there). Or perhaps to add a nuance that we (as opposed to people working at other places) are busier than most. Commented May 27, 2015 at 3:07

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FumbleFingers has suggested some nuances which may have been intended, but there's no particular nuance which must be understood here.

There are many acceptable ways to phrase most common situations. Prepositions in particular are very fuzzy around the edges.

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