In Portuguese I have the pronouns "esse" and "este", the first to abstract and not touchable themes, the following for objects or people, how should I use in the corresponding English words?

For example:

esse <-> this

"Esse assunto não é adequado a este forum" <-> "this subject is not consistent with this forum"

este <-> this/that

" Este movel deveria estar naquela sala" <-> This mobile should be in that room

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    Outside of this being a translation question (off-topic), is there some reason why English would not use "this/that" for both? – user3169 May 27 '15 at 19:36

This and that don't have anything to do with abstract versus concrete items. It has to do with, from the point of the speaker/writer, what the "current object" of a conversation or sentence is.

Google provides a good definition of this:

  1. used to identify a specific person or thing close at hand or being indicated or experienced.
  2. referring to a specific thing or situation just mentioned.

That is used similarly, but used to refer to something not close at hand, or a specific thing or situation previously mentioned. (That can also function as an adverb or conjunction, this does not.)

I'm not familiar with Portuguese but it sounds like you can't translate those terms using this and that.

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