1. Get closer to vs get more closer to

When do you say get closer to and can you say get more closer to someone?

Is it awkward to say get more closer to someone?

  1. Can the phrase become intimate with someone - be interchangeable with get closer to?

I've just learnt that become intimate with someone has a more sexual meaning...

I would like to know the difference in usage and meaning between these phrases.

  1. the word " intimate" usually use online??

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In my opinion,

  1. get closer would be correct. Closer is already comparative. "More closer" would be ungrammatical.
    close on Wiktionary

  2. become intimate with someone is generally not interchangeable with get closer to.
    The adjective intimate already carries some physical and sexual meaning.

  3. Well, you could use the word intimate with your friends if you are really close enough to feel that you can share your "intimate private life" with. For example, I wouldn't use that word around new people you've just met at a friend's house-warming party.

  • Being 'intimate with' someone is often a euphemism for having a sexual relationship with them, but it doesn't have to be. Intimate friends are people you know very well; a restaurant has an intimate atmosphere if it's small and friendly. Mar 1 at 15:58

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