I have no problem with its pronunciation in British English, but in American English, yes. Do it have a sound like /əʊ/ as in 'go' or /ɒ/ as in 'got'? And I know that /ɔː/ and /əʊ/ aren't pronounced exactly like each other, and /ɔː/ and /ɒ/, but I can't write the sounds and my mean is their likeness.


I'm a bit puzzled about your question, did you try first google results?

This lesson on pronuncian.com display a scheme, explain how to place your tongue and examples to listen.

enter image description here

The entire tongue is pushed back and kept low during the pronunciation of the aw sound. [...]

There is also two articles, one on teflpedia and one on wikipedia which look complete.

I may not have answered you question, can you be more specific about why are not you able to pronounce it?

  • Actually, there are differences between British and American pronunciations of the "aw" sound. The symbol /ɔ/ is convenient for representing this sound across dialects, and is approximately in the right place phonetically, but it only indicates the sound and manner of pronunciation in a rough way. British /ɔ/ tends to be realized higher in the mouth, more like [oː], while American /ɔ/, where not merged with /ɑ/, may be realized with a quality more like [ɒ]. Phonemic notation is often simplified and can't be trusted to describe actual speech sounds in detail! – sumelic Jun 6 '15 at 8:53
  • @sumelic You can have examples of prononciation on wordreference.com, here for law. It may help. – Yohann V. Jun 8 '15 at 6:17

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