I've heard the following in an episode of a series and, while I understand the implied meaning of the word, I'd like to know more details about it (such as origin, usage, frequency etc.). I haven't been able to locate any resources on the net that referred to it though.

I wanted to clone a sheep, but I needed to start with something simpler. Which he is, because his brain is fliveck.

In fact, I wasn't even sure how to spell it so the spelling I'm using is provided by this link and I claim no responsibility that it's, in fact, right. Feel free to correct, should you see it fit.


That's not actually a word in English, and was made up for that episode of The Simpsons. The character in question has a habit of using made-up sciency-sounding words; the word is intentionally nonsense, and the implied meaning is the only meaning it has.

  • That's a disappointment... Not to question your answer (and I definitely see how your reasoning makes sense with respect to said character) but I was hoping that the word had some, if yet far fetched, reference to or origin in something. Something like, for instance, fly being an organism with very weak brainpower and veck being an archaic word for not being able to achieve, making the epithet "one that can't even achieve the brainpower of a fly". But it's fully possible that in this particular case, it's just a made-up nonsense word... Jun 7 '15 at 17:59

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