Am I using the correct adjectives and is this construction grammatically correct?

It can also be characterized as a vertically dominated object.

The idea is the object that I am focusing on can also be described using its dominant shape i.e. verticality.

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I think there are probably better ways to say what you are trying to say. As @Kevin mentions, more context would be helpful to get a clearer picture, but here are a couple of possibilities and a bit of explanation:

It can also be characterized as a vertically dominant object

The object dominates the scene by virtue of its vertical component.

It is a predominantly vertical object

The object's most obvious feature is that it is vertically oriented.

It is very tall

(Nice and simple.)


It is grammatically correct. However, out of context, the meaning is a little unclear. In context, it may be fine but can't say without having the surrounding text.

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