The procedure (well actually two procedures) listing is on the next two pages. I expect that since you've gotten this far, you'll be able to follow the perambulations if you read carefully. Still, I'd better prepare you with a few explanatory notes first.

What exactly does that word mean? I tried to look it up online in dictionaries, but I don't think I was able to find any clear definitions for it. There was only the verb form listed in them which mostly had something to do with walking.


It literally means "per" (latin: through) + "ambulation" (latin: walk). It's not that commonly used, and when it is used tends to mean "to take a walk around", like a stroll or wandering exploratory walk. Here it is meant in a less literal sense. Dictionary.com gives as its second definition that captures this use: "to traverse in order to examine or inspect". The author is going to explore the topic, and he's preparing you for the fact that it's going to be a more meandering explanation, not direct.

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