Assume it is raining now. I want to tell my friend, fortunately I rented a car yesterday so we can go to the party today even though it is raining now.

Which statement is correct?

If I hadn't rented a car, how we would go to the party in this rain?


If I didn't rent a car, how we would go into the party in this rain?

  • Both are a bit awkward as they have double negatives going on. I think i would phrase it as: Luckily, ( or Isn't it lucky that) I rented this car, otherwise the rain may have prevented us from attending the party. To straighten it out a bit further: The rain might have prevented us from going to the party if I had not rented a car. – Michael Dorgan Jun 22 '15 at 22:29
  • 1
    BTW, the second is not quite grammatical: If I didn't rent a car, how 'would' we (be able to) go to the party in this rain? You need the 'would' or possibly 'could' here and one does not go into a party - we go to parties or arrive at them. – Michael Dorgan Jun 22 '15 at 22:31

I agree with Michael that there are better ways to phrase this statement, although I don't see any double negatives. To answer your question, A is correct. Using "hadn't" (the past perfect tense) shows that the renting happened sometime in the past, before the party. I think B does not give any idea of when the car was rented, or even if it has been rented yet.


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