Here is the situation:

I know one Russian woman named Oxana Volkova. She is a doctor dermatologist/cosmetologist and she has her own clinic. We made a bet: How to translate her clinic name?

In Russia it looks like this:

Центр медицинской косметологии Оксаны Волковой

If I translate it step by step we will get:

The Centre of Medical Cosmetology (created/founded) by Oxana Volkova

But I feel it's wrong and I am not sure which one is correct:

  1. The Oxana Volkova Medical Cosmetology Centre
  2. Dr. Oxana Volkova Medical Cosmetology Centre
  3. Oxana Volkova Centre of Medical Cosmetology
  4. The Oxana Volkova Centre for Medical Cosmetology
  5. Other(s) ?

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I would call it

Oxana Volkova Medical Cosmetology Center


This is what makes translation fun: there is almost always a degree of interpretation in every translation, so the "correct" translation is the one that the clinic owner, Dr. Volkova, likes best.

Personally, based on other clinic names I've seen, I would expect the following, but it's really a personal preference on her part:

The Volkova Center for Dermatological Cosmetology


In English, it is very common to use more lengthened premodifiers in a phrase. The most idiomatic options would probably be either Oxana Volkova Medical Cosmetology Center or Oxana Volkova Center for Medical Cosmetology. The first would probably be better than the latter.

This is often done in names, here are a few other examples:

  • Oxford University
  • Cambridge Online English Dictionary
  • Whipps Cross University Hospital

Let's not forget the genitive:

Oxana Volkova's Center of Medical Cosmetology

I wonder if it should not be:

Oksana Volkova's Center of Medical Cosmetology

(the difference is in the spelling of the first name)

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