Example (short audio clip):


— Yep. So, in this episode Harp and I are gonna share our predictions about the future with you.
— Hmm, I'm so intrigued.
— So, this will be an interesting episode to listen back on in a couple of years and see if our predictions became true.
— Yes, we'll see how right we were.

I don't know how I should understand the phrasing listen back on. In particular, I have a problem with the preposition on there. Why not say listen back to? How can you listen on something? Is that even correct English?


The well-known phrase that "should" be there is look back on - and to look back on means to reminisce, or to review/consider the memories of past events, or the experience or what was learned from such past events.

I haven't heard listen back on before, but it would be an colorful form of look back on if the person/being reminiscing was blind or didn't have a sense of vision. So it's probably a writer being playful with well-known phrases, or doing the most logical thing if this is an audio-only show.

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