Q1. Here, I think all of them are right to use, but I want to know if there's any difference in nuance.

Playing computer games (by myself / myself / alone) can be fun for a certain amount of time, but it usually becomes boring.

Q2. I'd like to know if 'The fact' can be used as a subject here, and I know I can use 'alone' here, but I want to know if the others are possible to mean the same thing. And which one makes the most sense: after that / after a while / at some point?

The fact that I have a girl friend can be great for a certain amount of time, but (after that / after a while / at some point) I start to think I wish I was (alone / by myself / myself).

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    The second part "The fact..." is not related and should be a separate question.
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These two are similar:

Playing computer games alone can be fun ...

alone implies you are playing by yourself, and maybe there is nobody else around.

Playing computer games by myself can be fun ...

by myself implies only that you are the only person playing computer games. There could be other people around doing other things.

Playing computer games myself can be fun ...

In this arrangement, myself simply refers to you regarding the phrase containing it. You could substitute "for me" in its place. For example:

Playing computer games myself/for me can be fun, but my girlfriend would rather go shopping.

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    There is also an interpretation like this: playing computer games myself can be fun but I generally prefer to pay someone to play them for me; I get much higher scores that way.
    – Jim
    Commented Jul 4, 2015 at 4:45

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