I have some question about difference between "follow a method" and "use a method":

  1. During the experiment, he followed a new method.
  2. During the experiment, he used a new method.

Could both be the same?

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They could be. This is just a matter of which is more commonly said.

In AmE, one usually refers to

  • using a method


  • following a procedure

Perhaps this is because a procedure typically includes sequential steps; whereas a method may be more general (as guidelines or rules), and not necessarily sequential.

Consider a simple example.

Procedure A:

1) do this

2) do that

3) do something else

4) do the last thing

Method B:

• record all results on the Lab Notes

• make sure all equipment is clean

• measure carefully

• do not copy from others' Lab Notes


I would say that the difference would be in underlying connotations.

To me, the first one implies an obedient, unquestioning action. The second one implies that the subject made a conscious and rational decision to make use of the new method.

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