Here's a context.

I ordered a product and it was delivered two days ago. But the design of the product was not what I had in mind. I asked for the restaurant's name to be printed larger than this and the restaurant's phone number was supposed to be written on the bottom, so customers could see it to make a reservation.

Q1. Here for is optional?

Q2. Here, so is the same meaning as so that, in such a way that and I can use whichever I want without changing meaning?

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Q1: No, "for" is not optional. With a little thought, most people would grasp the meaning of "I asked the restaurant's name", but as it's written, it seems you're actually asking a question to the name of the restaurant. Plus, when you ordered the product, you actually asked "for" something.

Q2: If I'm understanding your question correctly, yes, "so" is a proper substitute for that phrase and does not change the meaning.

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