What is the difference between the two words: Indiscipline and Undiscipline?

Is seems both are having the same meaning. Can you explain the difference between the two by using them in sentences.

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    I doubt Indiscipline is commonly used at all. You should add some example sentences to your question. It is possible there is a better way to say it. – user3169 Jul 8 '15 at 18:06

They are both nouns and both mean a lack of discipline. However, the word undiscipline is far less common than indiscipline. The latter can be found in most dictionaries, while most dictionaries will not contain undiscipline.

Far more common is the use of undisciplined as an adjective. Though even in this context it would probably be more idiomatic to use a negation of the word disciplined instead, compare:

  • He is rather undisciplined.
  • He is not very disciplined.

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