How to tell someone I had weakness in my body sometime back?


I was playing football and suddenly felt weakness so I stopped playing and went home. When i reached home mother asked me what happened to you?

What should I say?

1) I have had weakness but am now feeling better.

2) I was having weakness but am now feeling better.

3) I had weakness.

any better options?

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    You could just use the past: "I felt weak". Also, in English "to have weakness" is not an acceptable phrase. You can use "to feel weak" instead.
    – Jacob
    Commented Jul 9, 2015 at 12:57

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In this case, you want to describe how you felt with an adjective, rather than saying that you had a noun.

"She was happy" vs. "She had happiness"

"Charlie felt sick" vs. "Charlie had sickness"

From my experience, it's more natural to do it this way. So, I would say something like this:

"I felt weak, but now I'm better."


Rather than saying that you had weakness, it would be much more idiomatic to say that you were feeling weak.

Your best option is probably to use a simple past tense for feel:

I felt weak, but I'm feeling better now.

With the past perfect, you're talking about a more distant past than in the previous sentence:

I had felt weak, but then I felt better.

Not that the entire sentence here is talking about the past and the part about feeling better is not happening in the present but has already occurred.

If you use a past continuous, you're stressing a duration and no longer a sudden feeling:

I had been feeling weak, but I'm better now.

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