These systems are not typically designed to protect individual privacy, but since these services are typically free there is a strong economic drive for the service providers to harvest at least some information about their user's activities on the site in order to sell that information to advertisers for directed marketing.

Source: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Information Technology and Moral Values


Although I have studied the following definitions, I am wondering if the following definitions related to the bold part, and I cannot yet get what is the concept of the bold part yet.

Macmillan: economy drive

Cambridge Business English Dictionary: economy drive

Thanks in advance

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You don't need the phrase "economy drive" but "economic" & "drive" - two separate words.

drive here is the impulse or motivation to do something and

economic as adjective describing drive, here based on economy.

So a strong economic drive is an impulse to do something due to economic reasons. Or very plainly in this context: These companies do something because they make money with it.

  • Yes, exactly. The "economic drive" is a financial incentive, a monetary motivator. Commented Jul 11, 2015 at 11:36

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