1. I will answer that question in our phone English class.

  2. I will answer that question on our phone English class.

  3. I will answer that question in our on-the-phone English class.

Which is correct? I know we should say "in" if it's "in our class" and "on" if it's "on the phone". But what if it is a phone English class?

  • better use 'tele'. It looks professional! Phone English Class, at least in India, I've never heard of! :(
    – Maulik V
    Jul 18, 2015 at 9:03

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"Phone" is modifying "English class", so you say it the same way as if there was just "class": "in our phone English class" (or "in our on-the-phone English class" if it's not immediately clear that your class is being held over the phone).

When you answer a question on something, it's the same as answering a question about that. But answering a question in a class is the same as answering it during that class. Those don't change.

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