Is this sentence correct? It sounds weird:

The accuracy is sub-millimeter.

Is it OK to use "submillimeter" without the "-"?

  • The OP is right; his sentence does sound weird. I would say: "The spot was located to sub-millimeter accuracy." (As for the hyphen, I don't know.)
    – user21508
    Jul 19, 2015 at 17:45

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Yes, it is indeed an adjective.

This is the definition given by Dictionary.com:

submillimeter adjective

less than a millimeter in size

(Spelt "submillimetre" in Australia and the UK)

Judging by a quick Google search, "submillimeter" should not be spelt with a hyphen.


I think in general usage no hyphen is required. But in some contexts, the hyphen might draw attention to the small scale and emphasise it.

"With a microscope you can easily see the sub-millimeter scales of a butterfly's wing"

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