Which of these sentences would be the best to write?

  1. There is a house to be built.

  2. There is a house that has to be built.

I wanted to make sure it would be OK to write 'There is+Noun+to be+past participle.'What makes me confused is even though example of the 2nd sentence could be found, I don't see 1st sentence anywhere, e.g. corpus sites, Google. I just want to stick to the proper rules when writing.

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    "has yet to be" is completely different from "has to be". has yet to be is no stronger than "is yet to be"; whereas has to be is an idiomatic phrasal verb denoting "must" or "ought". Commented Jul 19, 2015 at 19:42

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To be built means someone is planning or intending to build something.

Has to be built means someone is required to build something, but there may or may not be plans to build anything yet.


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